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Carbone Partners with Westland Launching First Culinary Arts Scholarship

Carbone Restaurant Group Inc. (Carbone) partners with the Westland Foundation launching their first Culinary Arts scholarship for inner-Winnipeg students.

Carbone is a lively neighbourhood restaurant, started by a group of friends in Winnipeg that saw an exciting way to share the love of pizza in their community. That love started back in 2010, and now Carbone is offering the only authentic coal-fired pizza experience in all of Canada with four locations in Winnipeg and an expanding fast-casual pizza franchise, FAST FIRED by Carbone.

Carbone wants to give back to the community where it lives and support its future people, those with a passion for Culinary Arts. It found a natural fit with the Westland Foundation Education Fund scholarship, which brought into being the Westland-Carbone partnership.

The partnership has two components. The first component is Carbone's scholarship for Culinary Arts. This scholarship awards automatically a $1,000 scholarship to top three Westland Foundation Scholars in the Red River College Culinary Arts program each year. Students are encouraged to apply for the WFEF Scholarship to be considered for the Carbone scholarship. More information about the WFEF Scholarship can be found here.

The second partnership component is Carbone's donation to the Westland Foundation Education Fund (WFEF) endowment. This donation aims to grow the scholarships for inner-Winnipeg students who wish to attend any post-secondary program at Red River College, University of Manitoba, and the University of Winnipeg.

Carbone's president and CEO Benjamin Nasberg says, "As a local business, Carbone is not only playing an active role in keeping our economy strong but also making it sure that it supports our community's education needs."

Carbone's first scholar Carmela Mayoralgo says, "My passion for cooking stems from watching my father cook since I was little. I learned in the program that to be successful, I should be not only passionate about cooking but also be ready for the financial requirements. Thank you to Westland and Carbone for helping me pay my student loan and work towards my dream of owning a restaurant someday."

Westland sincerely thanks Carbone for this new partnership supporting inner-Winnipeg students and their pursuit of higher education.

Westland encourages Winnipeg businesses to partner with it in supporting its broader mission, which is to provide full post-secondary scholarships to every inner-Winnipeg student.

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