Red River College


Hope Shappee is a St. John’s High School graduate. She became aware of the Westland Foundation scholarship at her graduation ceremony in June 2019.

Hope thanks Westland for the scholarship she received in fall. She never thought she would be

studying in College nor she would be receiving an award as a result of her hard work.

The scholarship helped her pay part of her tuition fees for the legal assistant course at Red River College.

She says, “Because of your support, I can attend a post-secondary school. I can now work towards my dream to be a civil litigator.” She adds that her mother, a single parent, no longer must worry about her tuition fees because of the help she received through Westland.

Hope intends to integrate into the industry right after her studies. She wants to work as a legal assistant while preparing to enter law school.

She wishes to pay it forward by supporting Westland in the future. She believes that by helping Westland, she is helping ease the students and their parents’ financial burdens.

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