(L-R) back row - Jessie Reyes and Kristian Escoto; front row - Duyen Chau, Kassandra Ilag, Anmol Mann and Sarabjot Kainth

The Westland Foundation Alumni

The Westland Foundation Alumni are the past recipients of the Westland Foundation Education Fund Scholarship.

The Alumni's ultimate goal is to help Westland achieve its mission of providing a full post-secondary scholarship to every inner-Winnipeg student.

Thanks to the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba's grant for alumni program development, Westland was able to form the inaugural Westland Scholars' Committee in August 2018.

The Committee's mission is to assist in various Westland Scholars' activities, which are aimed at establishing the Westland Alumni as an organization.

Since its inception, the Committee has been instrumental in coordinating several Foundation activities, including the inaugural Westland Scholars' reception in February 2019.

Academic Year 2020-2021 Westland Scholars’ Committee

Westland recognizes the academic year 2020-2021 Westland Scholars’ Committee:

Chairperson:        Stephanie Decena (2018 Scholar, UM)


  • Aliaa Al-Saadi (2018 Scholar, UW)
  • Calvin Loi (2016 Scholar, UM)
  • Duyen Chau (2015 Scholar, UM)
  • Jordynne Austria (2018 Scholar, UW)
  • Kassandra Ilag (2015 Scholar, UW)
  • Miles Maula (2018 Scholar, UM)
  • Neill Juan (2018 & 2019 Scholar, RRC)
  • Prabhleen Kaur Maingi (2017 Scholar, UM)
  • Sarabjot Kainth  (2017 & 2018 Scholar, RRC)
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Past Westland Scholars’ Committee

The Westland Foundation thanks the below Westland Scholars for their help in organizing Westland Scholars' activities.


Chairperson:        Jessie Asuncion-Reyes (2017 & 2018 Scholar, RRC)


  • Duyen Chau – pioneer volunteer (2015 Scholar, UM)
  • Gerald Trojillo (2015 Scholar, UM)
  • Kassandra Ilag (2015 Scholar, UW)
  • Anmol Mann (2016 Scholar, UM)
  • Calvin Loi (2016 Scholar, UM)
  • Kristian Escoto (2016 Scholar, UW)
  • Sarabjot Kainth  (2017 & 2018 Scholar, RRC)