The Westland Team

(L-R) Marilyn Camaclang, Walter Sillicz, Kathe Meseman, Beverly Harasymuk, Allen Harasymuk, John Prystanski, Phil Burns (past president), Ian Clunie and Adam Smoluk.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Westland Foundation give their expertise, time, and energy on a volunteer basis.

  • John Prystanski, Founder & President
  • Beverly Harasymuk, Vice - President
  • Allen Harasymuk, Treasurer
  • Ian Clunie, Secretary
  • Adam Smoluk, Director
  • Kathe Meseman, Director
  • Walter Silicz, Director

Honorary Board

Formed in 2011, Westland Foundation's honorary board is invaluable to the growth of the Westland Foundation Education Fund (WFEF).

We give each member a very heartfelt thank you for their volunteer time and expertise on behalf of past and future WFEF scholarship recipients.

Her Worship Susan Thompson with John Prystanski

Our honorary board members are:

  • The Honorable Greg Selinger
  • The Honorable W. Yvon Dumont, O.M.
  • The Honorable Gary Filmon, P.C., O.C., O.M.
  • The Honorable Dr. Jon Gerrard, P.C.
  • The Honorable Raymond E. Wyant
  • Mike Pagtakhan
  • Carol Bellringer
  • Dr. Jennifer L. Schulz


  • Dr. Glen McCabe
  • James E. Cohen
  • Elba Haid
  • Jack Lazareck
  • Ellen Olfert
  • Susan A. Thompson LLD; OM
  • Brandon Trask



Kyle J. Mason - Executive Director

Joining our team in March 2023, Kyle is an experienced award-winning Indigenous non-profit Leader, Consultant, and Speaker with a proven track record of making a difference. Kyle has extensive experience building non-profits from the ground up. The son of Indian Residential and Day School Survivors, Kyle grew up in the North End of Winnipeg in a single parent family. After high school, Kyle completed his bachelors and has studies towards an MBA which has allowed him to built a career that has assisted countless under-resourced families.


Kyle J. Mason
Kyle J. Mason - Executive Director Westland Foundation